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公寓首层至6 层为天河城百货商场,距百佳超市、广百、新大新等大型购物商场仅一步之遥;距北京路步行街,一步之遥;距上下九步

Entertainment • Food

公寓7 楼为国际美食中心,为您提供各国美味佳肴;8 楼设有著名的“幸运楼”粤菜海鲜酒家;附件有小炳胜、开饭餐厅、陶陶居酒家、





great accessibility

Convenient transportation

8 minutes walk from Exit D of Gongyuanqian Subway Station, Line 1 and Line 2, and 5 minutes walk from Exit B of Beijing Road Station, Line 6;

Bus station

Beijing Intersection Bus Station, 147 meters; Wende Road Bus Station, 226 meters; Beijing Road Pedestrian Street Bus Station, 249 meters; Wende Road Main Station Bus Station, 296 meters; Wenming Road Bus Station, 318 meters; Zhongshan Wulu Bus Station, 326 meters; Caiting Bus Station, 337 meters; Beijing South Bus Station, 351 meters; Chenghuangmiao Bus Station, 351 meters;

Train station

It takes about 15 minutes by car to Guangzhou Railway Station and Provincial Bus Station; about 20 minutes by car to Guangzhou East Railway Station;


It takes about 50 minutes by taxi to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Station and about 60 minutes by subway; about 1 hour and 10 minutes by Airport Express;

Emergency and convenient

Bank • Foreign exchange

Bank of China, 1-minute walk; Industrial and Commercial Bank, 1-minute walk; Construction Bank, 1-minute walk; Agricultural Bank, 5-minute walk; HSBC Bank, 10-minute walk; Ping An Bank, 10-minute walk; CITIC Bank, 10-minute walk; Huaxia Bank, 10 minutes walk;

Medical · Pharmacy

Dashenlin (NO.1528 shop), 144 meters; Dashenlin (Wenming Road shop), 145 meters; Caizhilin Beijing Road Medicine Store, Pharmacy, 167 meters; Guangzhou Xuankang Pharmaceutical, 169 meters; Beijing Road Tongrentang (Guangbai Department Store), 199 meters; Taihetang (Wende Road Store), 212 meters; Shangchangtang, 233 meters; Jicuitang, 270 meters; Wanhetang, 286 meters;

medical health

Nearby Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangzhou Yuexiu District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangzhou Yuexiu District Children's Hospital, Guangzhou Yuexiu District Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital;

government centre

Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, Guangzhou Police Association, Yuexiu District Brigade, Guangzhou City Fire Brigade, Yuexiu;

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